Let yourself drift

At the Nidum, “www” stands for water, whirlpool, wellness. The warm waters of our indoor/outdoor infinity pool are self-regulated. At the edge of the forest we also have a natural bathing pool.

And if you’d like to enjoy the panorama without moving, just get into the hot tub on the terrace.

Infinity Pool

Whether its indoors or outdoors, 
Soak in constant warm water. 
Enjoying the breath-taking views.

As soon as you step into the Nidum infinity pool, all your thoughts and worries disappear. The only difference you’ll feel when you swim from the indoor and the outdoor pool, is passing outside into the open air. No matter the season, the water temperature remains warm all year round. And when you're lying on one of the whirlpool loungers you don’t even have to think about swimming. 

Natural swimming pond

Water and forest. 
In the mountains.

Here at the Nidum, Nature is always the main attraction. Just so that you can marvel at the sheer magnificence of the Seefeld plateau, we built a swimming pool right in nature. Situated right at the edge of the forest, it perfectly blends into the stunning backdrop, creating the illusion that you’re swimming in the forest!