Feeling Great. And Beautiful.

Daily life isn’t about being spoiled. Far from it. So, during your stay with us at the Nidum, we need to fill this gap. Left to our experienced professionals, our beauty treatments leave nothing to be desired as their expert hands coax every last fragment of daily stress out of your body.


Knots should be untied, 
Not remain in our muscles!

Daily stresses tense our muscles, leaving them hard and exhausted – and your body calls out for help! Our deep relaxation therapies soothe your muscles with a full-body, sports or facial massage. Ever heard of a relaxing pine-honey massage? Give it a try!

Full body peeling removes dead skin cells
- Soothing full body massage with an oil of your choice
- Facial lymphatic drainage at the end - removes accumulated water

- Soothing, energetic
- Individual consultation, where the focus should be during the massage

- Soothing, relaxing, energetic
- Individual consultation, where to put the emphasis of the massage

- Relaxation for the whole body
- Tailored to your needs

- Promotes blood circulation and is soothing after an active day
- Strong massage techniques loosen and stimulate tired muscles
- You will be treated with a Tyrolean stone oil and Tyrolean stone oil tonic

- Combination of leg and back massage
- Blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles are relaxed
- You will be treated with a Tyrolean stone oil

- Stimulate the whole body on the sole of the foot
- Blocked energy flows are released, self-healing is activated

- Herbal foot bath
- Full body relaxing massage with pine honey massage milk

Soothing massage for your face, neck and décolleté muscles.

Beauty Treatments at the Nidum 

Beauty comes from within, 
But the exterior also needs care!

We look after you so when you look into the mirror, the best version of yourself beams back at you. In our five health and beauty rooms, we offer specialised treatments for your face, eyes, hands, legs and feet. With us, you’re spoiled for choice. Take time to decide the right one for you in one of our luxury loungers.

- Full body peeling to remove dead skin cells
- Short massage with a body lotion for a velvety skin feeling

In addition to our fixed cosmetic offers, you also have the option to book 50. min. time for your own individual facial care. On site, you discuss with the employee which treatment is best for you. Our employee can then respond specifically and specifically to your needs.

- Willkommenskompresse
- Reinigung
- Peeling
- Ausreinigung
- Gesichts-, Hals- und Dekolletémassage
- Gesichtsmaske + Handmassage
- Abschlusspflege

- Welcome compress
- Cleansing
- Peeling
- Face, neck and décolleté massage
- Face mask + hand massage
- Final care

- Gentle and soothing pressure massage on the face, neck and décolleté
- Detoxifying effect

- Removal of waste products from the body
- Draining effect
- Gentle and harmonious massage technique


Feel like a star.
And look like one, too.

Professional hands that care about your appearance: This is not only the privilege of the stars, but also one that you enjoy at Nidum. Our cosmetic offer includes manicures and pedicures, eyelash lift, eye care and much more. With us at Nidum, that is the succus, you are the star.

- Eyelid is degreased
- Sillicone pads are glued to the eyelid with an adhesive
- 1. gel is applied (16 min. reaction time)
- Eyelashes are pulled onto the silicone pad and glued with a stick
- 2nd gel is applied (8 min. exposure time)
- Finally, the upper eyelashes are dyed black.

- Soothing and refreshing
- You are treated with hyaluronic acid-containing eye pads and cool applicators that refresh and revitalize the eye area

Eyebrow regulation 15 min; 15,00 €
Eyebrow tinting 20 min; 19,00 €
Eyelash tinting 20 min; 19,00 €

- Filing the natural nail
- Hands bath
- Removal of the cuticle
- Nail oil and short hand massage

- Filing the natural nail
- Removal of the cuticle
- Short hand massage
- Applying the polish

- Filing the natural nail
- Removing the cuticle
- Apply shellac
- Nail oil and short hand massage

- Foot bath
- Removal of callus
- Shortening and filing nails
- Remove cuticle
- Short massage

- Foot bath
- Removal of callus
- Shortening and filing nails
- Remove cuticle
- applying the cream
- Applying the varnish

- Foot bath
- Removal of callus
- Shortening and filing nails
- Remove cuticle
- Apply shellac
- Apply cream

Depilation upper lip and chin 15 min. 15,00 €
Depilation leg complete 30 min. 48,00 €