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7 things in autumn, which you can experience only in NIDUM!

Yes, it's autumn! And what a fall it is! While nature around the NIDUM slowly but steadily puts on its magnificent, colorful autumn dress, it becomes really cozy in our house, especially from the afternoon, when the warm autumn sun retreats over the mountains. From then on, after adventurous days in the great outdoors, it's time to take advantage of all the benefits of our spa. So when you return, not only the magnificent 31 ° warm in and outdoor infinity pool await you, but of course our saunas, especially the spectacular outdoor sauna!

1. The spa terrace with pool

Perfect not only to start the day in the best way, but also a highlight in the afternoon and evening: our spa terrace with its many loungers, cushions and four-poster beds. From here you can completely relax and cast your gaze through the clear autumn air over the Inn Valley, far away from traffic, stress and hustle and bustle. The only thing that matters here is to relax deeply and completely!

2.  The autumn NIDUM Spa program

Do you feel like total relaxation? Then you are in the best hands with our SPA team! Our exclusive treatments in autumn invite you to dream and relax and let you float on cloud nine - guaranteed! Let yourself be pampered by experienced hands, we have summarized the most popular treatments in autumn:

Facial Quick Kick- 70min
Here we start the treatment with a warming foot peeling. After cleansing and exfoliation, our beauticians use the Derma Roller to work active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to help the skin help itself during this time of year by replenishing its reservoir. An intensively nourishing mask completes the treatment.

Facial treatment Allround- 60min
First we dedicate ourselves to your back, which we warm up with gentle grips. Then we turn our attention to the face. After a deep cleansing, we perform a lymph stimulating suction bell massage, which purifies the skin down to the depths. Last but not least, we pamper the skin with a cooling and soothing face mask.

Mediterranean indulgence-75min
To ensure that the active ingredients delivered to the skin by the herbal stamp can penetrate deeply, we first pamper the body with an intensively cleansing body scrub. Afterwards we put body and soul into deepest relaxation with the help of the warming stamp massage.

Everything for the feet- 35min
So that you can really walk on clouds, we treat your feet with a pleasant sugar peeling. After a footbath we pamper them further with a pleasant foot massage.

3.  Autumn time: also in our kitchen!

This is the season in which our chef Michael with Sous Lukas bring your long-cherished treasures out of the cellar! These include parsnips, which have already spent three months in hay and white wine and are used as a side dish for autumnal game dishes, as well as pumpkins pickled in cinnamon and orange, which will crown dishes such as the pumpkin variation with confit salmon trout!

4.  Our new fitness program

Every morning (Monday to Saturday) a varied training program awaits you, which varies daily and offers everything between relaxation and fitness units to get body and soul back in shape. For sure there is something for you between relaxation training units, Pilates, Functional Fit Flow Training, but also abdominal-leg-po units! Or would you prefer to book a personal trainer lesson, where a training session is individually tailored to you?

5. Go Hike!

Every day (weekdays) a new hike. Every day a new experience! Our hiking guide Walter will take you to the most beautiful corners and coziest places of the Seefeld mountains. Of course you will not miss the traditional "Einkehrschwung" on any tour. And certainly not a short dip in the pool after returning, right?

6. And again and again- The view!

Certainly one of the most valued terms in tourism: the view. We have it. Or rather: it has us. Even we can't get enough of the view of our surroundings and its constant change during the different seasons of the day and year. Throughout the hotel. And in your rooms, too, of course:

7. Last but not least: The fireplace burns again!

One of the most beautiful traditions in the still young NIDUM: The open fireplace in our wide bar and entrance area! Grab a cool drink and enjoy it in one of the comfortable armchairs around the open fireplace: An evening can't start - or end - any finer!


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