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Recap- The first winter season at the NIDUM

Yes, was that it already? Almost in disbelief we looked into the empty hotel lobby today at lunchtime, after the last guest had just left: The season is over! And we are not talking about just any season, but our first winter season at NIDUM!
Most people know it: the Pinzger family has only been the owners of the NIDUM Hotel since last October, which opened in 2014 as the "For Friends Hotel" and had been closed since summer 2015.  In only 65 days after the handover and with the most energetic help of our employees, but also of our partners, exactly what many thought was not feasible was made possible. Punctually on December 22, the first guests arrived at the NIDUM, which in the meantime was brought back to operating temperature.
It was a very good first season - despite all the teething troubles that are part and parcel of a start-up of this size. But before we now say goodbye to the well-deserved first break, we want to look back on this winter 2016/2017 and give you an insight into this so cool and exciting time.

THE NIDUM Tops of the Season:


Never in our dreams did we expect to receive such great guests at NIDUM. It was just a pleasure to host and serve you. You were in a good mood, enjoyed your rooms, the pool, the spa, the food and especially the relaxed and informal atmosphere at NIDUM. You understood our philosophy and shared and commented your joy about the stay, like Sez_11 on Tripadvisor. 
For this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and feel honored, kudos also to those of you who have contacted us with criticism. We take your suggestions seriously and will continue to improve based on these mostly constructive comments..

2. We - or rather, our employees

No matter if kitchen, service, housekeeping, reception or spa: You were GREAT! We know that we have demanded a lot from you. We know that you were initially a motley bunch, which had to perform at its best within a very short time.
There were dismissals because there was no other way, there were layoffs, which we wept over. But you, who are now celebrating the end of the winter season with us, are the best!

3. Our partners and technicians

A lot of technology ensures that our guests feel completely comfortable at NIDUM. Just as much technology, but also creative talent was used to not only get our communication, our website with all its refinements, but also the linking of dozens of services and software applications to work, but also to keep them running smoothly in continuous operation. Many thanks, especially to all those who supported us from day 1!

4. The winter in Seefeld. And the weather.

The location of the NIDUM is just perfect: Exactly at the transition between the Seefeld Plateau and the Inn Valley, our house benefits from the best of both worlds: Lots of sunshine and snow thanks to the altitude of the plateau, plus a magnificent view of the Inn Valley and the mountains opposite.

5. The Seefeld Community

We have been very well received in Seefeld! Our thanks for the warm welcome go to the many people and associations we had to deal with, but especially to the Olympiaregion Seefeld, our hotel colleagues, the executive, our neighbors and the local craftsmen!

The NIDUM Outtakes

Of course, a lot of things have gone wrong this season.
First of all: We had everything - partly in the shortest time back in function or back to work. :-)

The NIDUM Flop 5 of this winter season:

  • The fire alarm (in all rooms) on day 1 at 6:30 in the morning (sorry, will never happen again!).
  • Total failure of the internet connection on carnival Thursday afternoon due to contract difficulties (within 3.5 hours we had - thanks to our partners - a new internet connection with 100 MB in the house).
  • Total failure of the ventilation system after power fluctuations on a Saturday evening (we learned to restart the frequency converters ourselves thanks to Google)
  • - 20 degrees outside temperature: too cold for the radiators in some rooms, which as a logical consequence went to the eternal hunting grounds. Fortunately, our house is very well insulated!
  • Our state-of-the-art locking system. Until we (and our technicians) have understood that the time of our internal network must be compatible with the time of the key card system, unfortunately, even some guests have not come without difficulty to your rooms (time is setted now - error corrected).



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