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The new kitchen at NIDUM

Since the NIDUM was founded, our cuisine has been based on a clear guiding principle: there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of the ingredients and the goodness of the food!

Since June 1, two young, very ambitious chefs have been at the stove in the NIDUM with the new head chef Michael, together with his sous chef Lukas. Not only we, but also our guests are extremely pleased about these two new additions!

One feels already with the perusal of the menu literally the juvenile elan of our new kitchen brigade, whereby one should not equal this youth absolutely with inexperience: Chef Michael Eigl has with its tender age of 36 years not only already a cook book written, it had cooked itself in the hotel mountain country already in the first year of its work on full 3,5 spoons in the Schlemmeratlas highly!

No less experienced is our new sous chef Lukas Klausner, who can draw on a wealth of culinary experience thanks to his extensive experience in star cuisine and an already proven collaboration with Michael Eigl.

Keeping the tried and true - daring to try something new - true to this motto, these two combine "old school" and "new style" cuisine at NIDUM with the aim of preparing a culinary highlight for you every evening. Both appreciate the freedom that the two chefs Max & Michaela grant you, because this allows them to draw from the full: As many ingredients as possible come from the region, sometimes fresh fruit and vegetables are brought from the farmer himself directly from the field to the hotel kitchen, where the food must undergo a rigid quality control before they end up here in the pan.

Pasta, ravioli, sauces, soups, deserts.... Everything, but really everything is homemade here, the two chefs reject any form of finished products, the same applies of course to flavors or flavor enhancers, these have no place here! Only the kitchen salt is accepted by our two ambitious chefs in the NIDUM as a finished product, so you can be sure that your stay in the NIDUM will remain in the best memory also from its pleasure side!

Now that the "grace period" for our two kitchen heroes is over, we will be venturing into the NIDUM kitchen more often in the future to give you an exclusive look over the chefs' shoulders here in the magazine, but also at their new creations!




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