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10 things you should see in Innsbruck!

Tucked away in a wildly romantic alpine landscape, Innsbruck is a true alpine jewel and is known worldwide for its ski resorts and tradition of hosting winter sports competitions. Its long history as the center of the Tyrolean region and modern history as a winter sports resort attracts people from all over the world. With a variety of attractions from historic churches to breathtaking viewpoints and scenic cable car rides, Innsbruck has much to offer and is a premier destination in Austria. Many of our guests at NIDUM take advantage of our wellness hotel in Austria's proximity to Innsbruck to take a side trip there for sightseeing & shopping! By car it is about 25 minutes drive, of course you can also easily reach the capital of Tyrol by train from Seefeld!

For you, we have summarized the 10 most important things to see in Innsbruck:

1. Innsbruck old town

The Old Town is the center of Innsbruck and is considered one of the main attractions.
With many buildings that have existed for over 500 years, this area breathes a lot of history and a lot of effort has been put into preserving the many medieval details, etc. In one of the nice cafes and restaurants you can have a good meal, a coffee and admire the wonderful architecture of the buildings. There you can also find the golden roof, which is considered the landmark of Innsbruck. The roof consists of 2,738 gilded copper tiles, while the lower balconies bear the city's coats of arms.

2. Innsbruck Nordkettenbahn

You can reach the majestic Nordkette, which is part of Austria's largest nature park, directly by cable car from Innsbruck. The pleasant ascent takes about 20 minutes and offers a breathtaking view of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains.
There are several stops along the way and you can simply get off or continue to the top - at each stop there is something different to do, from skiing to hiking, visiting hats, but also climbing the rock face of the Karwendel, for example.
Whatever you want to do, this fun and interesting cable car ride will surely impress you.

3. Ambras Castle

This beautiful Renaissance castle is one of the most popular sights in the Innsbruck area and was the residence of the important historical figure Archduke Ferdinand II. The castle and grounds are located in the southern part of Innsbruck on the city limits and can be reached by both streetcar and bus. Inside the castle is the famous Spanish Hall, a lavishly decorated hall that now hosts classical music concerts and soirées. Apart from that, the castle also offers a brilliant exhibition of weapons, armor and works of art and a magnificent, peaceful courtyard.

4. The Hofburg

The Hofburg represents a unique piece of architecture and is considered an important building in Austria. Built in 1400, this striking palace has a shining white facade with green domed towers and a beautiful, original interior.
The Hofburg, now divided into five themed museums, offers opportunities to learn much about the history of Austria and see what the furnishings of a royal palace were like back then.
The museums include a furniture exhibition, an ancestral gallery and a painting gallery, and illustrate many aspects of Habsburg culture.
Admission is 9.90 euros for adults and free for children - these reasonable prices make the Hofburg an attractive address in the heart of Innsbruck.

5. Hungerburg rail way

Due to Innsbruck's location in the middle of mountains, various cable cars and lifts are used for transportation.
The Hungerburgbahn is one of the most impressive and serves as a means of transportation between downtown Innsbruck and the Hungerburg district.
Instead of a cabin, the funicular features a modern monorail car and the main convention station offers a similar modern and striking design. The funicular's route takes you over a bridge, through a tunnel and steeply uphill to the Hungerburg at 860 meters above sea level. Once at the top, a panoramic view of the central Inn Valley all the way to the Italian border awaits you.

6. Bergisel ski jump

What could be more exciting than watching athletes race down the 90-meter ramp on their wide skis and gracefully lift off the edge, ready for a majestic flight towards Innsbruck? The Bergisel Ski Jump has been used in both the Olympic Games and the World Championships and is an impressive one with plenty of (sports) history! The view from the top is fabulous and it is fascinating to watch the ski jumpers perform their art, the best way to do this is from the café and viewing platform above the jump!

7. Alpen Zoo

Many cities have a zoo, but what sets Innsbruck's Alpine Zoo apart is its focus on mainly native animals of the area and animals that live in mountainous areas. You can walk through the zoo and see, for example, mighty brown bears, playful otters, howling wolves and the majestic golden eagle.
The zoo also supports the biodiversity of the area and provides a home for some of the endangered animals.

8. Tirol Panorama

The Tyrol Panorama is a 360-degree painting depicting the famous Battle of Bergisel, where the Tyrolean rebels fought against Napoleonic invaders. The painting and museum are located exactly where the actual battle took place and is a great opportunity to learn about the history of this area and the battles of the Tyrolean rebels.
The actual quality and artistic acumen of this immense 10,764 square foot painting is fabulous and the scenes it depicts are kept very true to reality. The Kaiserjägermuseum, located next door, also holds numerous artifacts, facts and military history from Innsbruck in the 18th and 19th centuries and should be visited along with the panorama.

9. Hofgarten

If you want to get away from the busy tourist hotspots, the Hofgarten is the perfect place for you. This is located near the Hofburg Palace, making it central and easy to get to. Over the years, the garden has undergone many different designs and now contains several ponds, a playground, a restaurant and many beautiful old trees and plants. At certain times it also hosts concerts and sometimes even chess tournaments. The well-manicured lawns, lush greenery and beautiful garden landscapes definitely invite you to relax and enjoy!

10. The Maria Theresa Street

This street, which stretches from the Triumphal Arch to the Old Town, is one of the busiest in Innsbruck, but it offers a great selection of stores, cafes, bars and restaurants, not to mention its great historical importance for the city of Innsbruck. Part of the street is a pedestrian zone and it is the perfect place to take a stroll, or perhaps enjoy a drink while admiring the beautiful architecture. The Arc de Triomphe, St. Anne's Column and St. George's Chapel are all located in or very close to this street, making a visit to Maria Theresien Street an absolute "must see's" in Innsbruck!




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